Serving locally - impacting globally
Serving locally - impacting globally
His Kingdom Ministries
His Kingdom Ministries

Welcome to His Kingdom Ministries.

We are an apostolic hub, a place where people are established, equipped and empowered to be an influence for Jesus Christ. We are a non-profit ministry that provides spiritual and practical outreach & resources to people and families. 


His Kingdom Ministries (HKM)

provides invaluable community services, such as; family & youth events, marriage & parenting classes, scholarships and referrals for drug rehabilitation programs, support groups, assistance in finding your place in the marketplace, resume building, interview training, and more.


We also support missions internationally, in Bangladesh, Kenya & Uganda. These missions provide practical and spiritual help to their people. They are integrally involved with helping women who have been 'thrown away', giving children homes and an education for a future and a hope. These children would otherwise have been forced into child labor at a young age, never receiving schooling. Women are rescued from a life of poverty, abuse and turning to prostitution for economic survival. Instead they are given training, skills to obtain jobs enabling them to support themselves and their children.


His Kingdom Ministries is a place to be loved, accepted and nurtured; a place to find belonging. In addition to our local & global community service activities, we have regular meetings and activities at our location, to continually establish, equip, empower, and inspire the life and mission of Christ within each of us. 


We're not just a church, we are a family. Come and find food for your soul, a place of belonging, with training and support to launch out into your God-given destiny and purpose. You don't have to be a member to visit or worship with us!


(Warning: You may feel at home here.)


Our motto: Serving Locally - Impacting Globally


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Serving locally - impacting globally. See our involvements!



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