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Addictions (where requested names have been kept anonymous)


Born into an affluent and loving home my life was a total mess. I was angry, rebellious, using cocaine, percoset and other drugs. I was in trouble with the law, the possibility of doing time loomed ominously over me - and I wasn't even out of high school yet. My parents and my church family (HKM) never gave up on me. By the grace of God I had the opportunity to be at Teen Challenge. Jesus has totally transformed my life and I am committed to serving Christ with all that I have.  - John Doe, a teen


I grew up in a broken, dysfunctional home. By the age of 18 I signed myself into Teen Challenge. But even after having been through Teen Challenge I coudn't get out of the cycle of addiction. When I was using I was violent. I was close to losing my wife and my children whom I love dearly. I was self-sabotaging my life and everything I cherished. God never gave up on me. My awesome wife and my HKM family stood with me in prayer, breaking chains. I TOTALLY surrendered to Jesus and He's doing a total work in me. I'm clean, without that driven desire to pick up, with my family, serving them and Jesus with all of my heart.

- J. Doe II - a young adult




It seemed as though we were always struggling with our finances. We’d get 1 step ahead and then take 3 steps backwards. We received prophetic ministry during one of your worship services regarding us being released and sent by the Lord on missions to the islands, specifically to Cuba. Then it was prayed that angels would be released to watch over our finances. The very next day we received 2 unexpected checks in the mail AND then calls came in for 3 well-paying jobs. Since that day something broke in our finances. Angels are truly keeping watch and we are so thankful to the Lord!

– Carl


I was in a job where I wasn’t properly respected. The job was a distance away which made it difficult to get to. The hours were also extremely demanding – leaving very little time to have a life outside of work. His Kingdom Ministries lifted up my financial and job need(s) in prayer.  Shortly after that a man approached me, offered me a job for more money and with better hours! God is good!! 

- Edwin


Leaders of His Kingdom Ministries prayed regarding breakthrough in our finances. Shortly after that I had a dream that we would be receiving money in the mail (a blue check). 3 weeks after the dream an unexpected blue check arrived in the mail which made the needed difference in covering various costs. Thank you Lord for Your goodness and faithfulness!



Mortgage payments had piled up. We were in danger of possibly losing our house. God gave me a word, “Listen to this message from the Lord! ‘This is what the Lord says: “At about this time tomorrow, in Samaria’s city gate, a seah[a] of finely ground flour will sell for a shekel, and two seahs of barley for a shekel.”’” But the royal attendant on whom the king depended responded to the man of God: “Look here! Even if the Lord were to open a window in the sky, how could this happen?” (2 Kings 7:1-2). The next day our mortgage was covered. In Jesus’ name He makes a way where there is no way! Thank you Lord!!

- Anonymous (this person has asked to remain anonymous)


Health – documented miracles


Our baby had severe acid reflux. We were at our wits end with worry for him and as parents who work we couldn't go on much longer with the extreme sleep deprivation trying to care for him. We were at a home for a family celebration. Members of His Kingdom Ministries were there. They held him and prayed inn Jesus name. It's like we have a new baby! Since then he's doing so much better. He's sleeping 'like a baby' and we're getting sleep too. The change was like night and day - the only difference was prayer in Jesus' name!

- Parents of Baby N. J. 


I've had on and off back pain for a few years. Recently I had an attack of excruciating back pain - to the point where I was unable to walk, sit, lay down or sleep. The doctor put me on the maximum dosage of pain medication allowed. There was still no relief. I was to undergo MRI's and a series of tests. Surgery was looking like a probability.


I couldn't take the intensity of the pain any longer. His Kingdom Ministies' intercessory team prayed fervently in the mighty name of Jesus! Soon after the back pain went away completely! Even the pains and discomfort that I used to have for years - GONE in JESUS name! My doctor was amazed and could only attribute the radical change to prayer. All glory to Jesus Christ! By His stripes we are healed!

    - Joe


I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. It had started in my throat and quickly spread to my lungs, hip and back. His Kingdom Ministries anointed me with oil, prayed over me, and continued to pray for me. I went through chemo, but even my oncologist said, ‘You better keep going for prayer, because what is happening to you is a miracle!’ Now, 4 PET scans and 15 months later there is NO TRACE of cancer anywhere in my body! Healed through the power of prayer in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!!!

- Rich


For 5 years my health was progressively deteriorating. Numerous hospital stays and doctor appointments didn’t help. As a matter of fact there wasn’t anything more the doctors could do. They told me that overall I was not a surgical candidate because of how frail my health had become. It seemed as though every vital organ was shutting down (heart, lungs, kidney, thyroid, hips, and hearing). I was in a healing meeting with Raymond Mooi. He prayed for healing. As he said, ‘IN THE NAME OF JESUS.’ I experienced healing throughout my body. My hearing instantly improved. I could do deep knee bends where before even walking had become difficult. Doctors are amazed EKG tests etc. reveal the strongest cardio that I've had in years! Miraculous healing in Jesus’ name!!!! 

- Jim


Something happened to my hand and fingers, I’m not sure what or why, I had difficulty with movement of my hand and fingers. After a service with Apostle Steven Hilton,  Pastor Janet laid hands on me and prayed for healing. The muscles in my fingers began twitching and then relaxed. I felt a strong sense of the love of the Father. I hadn’t been able to snap my fingers for over 3 years. Now I can snap my fingers and my hand is functioning normally. Jesus healed me!




I often struggled with anxiety, to the point where I was having difficulty breathing. I

felt a heaviness in my chest. I felt like I was being suffocated most of the time. The

pastor and elders of His Kingdom Ministires laid hands on me and prayed.

Since then I have been free from fear and anxiety - the heaviness is GONE! God is AWESOME! I give all glory to Jesus!! 

- Jane C-Doe

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