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* We do not post personal prophetic words on the Internet. We try to record all words, however we recommend that if possible you record personal prophetic ministry spoken over you at the altar with your mobile device. 


I received a Prophetic Word! Now what?


What to Do With A Prophetic Word:

 Whether you have received a prophetic word previously or this is your first experience with prophecy, our counsel to you is to submit this word to your pastor.  As the overseer of your soul and the one responsible before God to lead you in truth, your pastor will be able to hear and see the necessary relationship in timing and obedience to a prophecy being fulfilled.  A pastor’s caring wisdom and long-term perspective is priceless in any area of growth or direction in our walk with the Lord.  Personal prophecy does not replace the need for pastoral counsel and oversight.  Receiving a valid, genuine word from the Lord is not a license to become independent and return to your church with a spiritually superior attitude.  Prophecy is one way we can know the will of God; pastoral counsel is another complementary way.  The two should flow together with the Bible as the foundation and source of which they should all agree. 


The following “Six Principles of Proper Response to the Prophetic” are taken from Dr. Bill Hamon’s book,  Fulfilling Your Personal Prophecy.  After receiving a prophetic word our responsibility is to take what God has spoken to us as a valuable rhema word for our life and respond properly to see its fulfillment.  


1. Have the right attitudes of faith, obedience, patience, humility, meekness, and submission.  (Hebrews 13:17; Acts 20:28)

2. Be willing to record (in written or typed form), read and meditate upon the prophetic words we have received.  (Habakkuk 2:1-3)

3. Learn to properly discern so that we may bear witness to our prophecies. (1 Cor.2:14)

4. Be willing to war a good warfare. (1 Timothy 1:18-19)

5. Do nothing different unless we are definitely directed.  (1 Cor. 7:20)

6. Understand God’s universal divine principles. (2 Timothy 2:15)



PROPHETIC PROTOCOL for Giving a Prophetic Word



During services—corporate prophesies: If you feel you have a prophetic word, go and speak directly with one of the elders or pastors .


1. Please allow the elders to direct you as to the timing and the applicability of the word given you so that there is a proper flow within the church service.


The reason for this policy is two—fold. 

First, we attempt to record all prophetic words for the blessing of the person being ministered to.


Secondly, we are responsible to ensure that all ministry is effective and ministered in the right spirit. We want to evaluate and witness ALL personal ministry to ensure people are not misled or do not improperly respond to their personal prophetic word.


2.  No personal prophetic words are permitted to be given during a church service, prayer  meeting, etc. without permission from His Kingdom Ministries pastors or elders. (It is optimum for the words/ communication of revelation  to be recorded. )



3. No “Parking lot prophesies”. “Parking lot prophesies” are those given from one person to another without spiritual leadership being present to provide covering for both the person ministering and those who are ministered to. Therefore, please understand that prophesying or sharing revelations of a personal nature with others should first be submitted to and approved by the Pastor or elders at any meeting or function of His Kingdom Ministries. 




HKM is forming a Prophetic Presbytery to minister as a team with leadership. Please see our Ministries page under Prophetic Presbytery. Talk with us or send an e-mail if interested in knowing more to HKMdrJanet@gmail.com

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